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Martius Construction

Anna Residence nestled among a heritage redwood tree and mature oaks in a quiet suburban neighborhood of Prishtina, this  residence was designed around a series of outdoor experiences. Minimalist and modern,  connected by glass walkways that surround a central courtyard and open to an expansive backyard complete with parks and lounge areas. A covered walkway frames the entrance, leading to a double-height living / dining space.

Amel Chocolate

 Ámel Chocolate is an artisanal chocolate factory in Prishtina. Our aim is to create a new sensation of artisanal chocolate by using the finest quality ingredients in order to create the most perfect taste. Thus, our calling became clear. To produce and deliver the best chocolate in Kosovo and beyond the country.  The sensation and taste of  Ámel is not simple, but rather it is infused with a little bit of magic that makes it feel like art and an extraordinary experience within the first bite.. Over the past seven years, we have strived for quality and excellence in our chocolate, which has generated a unique flavor variety.

Matisse Patisserie

Matisse Patisserie is a retail establishment concept with the ambition to be located in multi-locations in Europe. Matisse expects to catch the interest of a regular loyal customer base with its broad variety of bread, pastries, and coffee products. Bringing pastry know-how and industry expertise together to create unforgettable delicacies in pure French tradition. Matisse is the French name derived from ‘Matthew’ or ‘Matias’, which both mean “Gift of God”. The name also means “free gentle spirit” and usually comes off as being elegant and refined. 

La Tarte

Founded in 2021, La Tarte is a special place to bring people together where productivity, relaxation and socialization coexist side by side. We introduced a new concept of eating in the city of Prishtina, a Tartine. A national French breakfast, which is mainly artisanal bread served with a sweet or savory topping. We use seasonally and locally sourced ingredients in all items on La Tarte’s extensive menu, which includes salads, pastries, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, and desserts. In addition to that, we want to create an experience that everyone can appreciate when it comes to breakfast or brunch. As the number one provider of health-conscious consumers with the finest, purest ingredients, we make artisan bread and pastries without sacrificing taste.

Bon Vivant

Gourmet, gourmand, and gastronome come from French, as does bon vivant. In the late 17th century, English-speakers borrowed this French phrase, which literally means “good liver.” No, we don’t mean liver, as in the organ. We mean liver, as in “one who lives (in a specified way)”—in this case, “one who lives well.”
 Based on this a bar and restaraunt was founded in the heart of Prishtina.
With unique design. We offer ‘Day & Night’ harmony, contemporary food & various cocktails.

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